The World Needed a New Economy

Our mission

So We Are Helping People to Adopt It

Though we operate various B2B revenue streams, our core objective is to facilitate DeFi adoption among investors and enable them to capitalize on emerging economic opportunities.

While our current product is an early rendition of our vision, it serves as a dynamic foundation for achieving our goals. We’re continually analyzing user behavior to refine and develop tools that better cater to our audience.

Our vision

What We Do?

We’re crafting a one-stop marketplace tailored for all kinds of DeFi enthusiasts, featuring handpicked investment options by collaborating with leading protocols. Our platform prioritizes security and user-friendliness, aiming to optimize returns while reducing risks.

We also develop specialized tools and solutions that empower investors to navigate DeFi markets more efficiently, understanding opportunities and assessing risks more effectively.

While we don’t offer financial guidance, our mission is to demystify DeFi to accelerate its mainstream acceptance. To make this happen we decided to aggregate our provider protocols not only on our marketplace but to provide DeFi Trading widgets so that any distribution platform can quickly become a DeFi aggregator.

Our team


Co-Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CTO

Our partners

Strategic Providers

Founded in 2023. We work closely with industry leaders to create trustful collaborations and make the word better place together.

Our Roadmap

How We See the Hedge3 Growth

Focus on growth while generating revenue.

Sep 2023
MVP Ready: Successfully developed and tested our Minimum Viable Product, showcasing the core functionality of our DeFi aggregator.
Oct 2023
Website and Socials Launch: Deployed minimal functionality website with social appearance
Dec 2023
Introducing Hedge3 Widget Builder: Distributing DeFi Funds on web where never this easy
Jan 2024
Freemius SaaS Release: DeFi Widgets Builder solution will have free and pro versions. Onboarding advanced users as SaaS consumers.
May 2024
Jun - Jul 2024
Stranghtoning the widgets solution: Adding more widgets including the protocol aggregation and swap. Meantime integrating widgets into ready-to-go website templates providing complete solution for DeFi funds.
  1. - Over 300 active widget installations.
  2. - First paying SaaS users.
Oug - Sep 2024
Raising a pre-seed round : Actively pitching to investors for fundraising. The funds will be used for company incorporation, hiring a team, and further product development.
Sep - Dec 2024
Develop Strategic Partnerships: Pushing on business development to collaborate with key players in the industry. Reaching the audience of our partners while improving user experience, security, and efficiency
  1. - Building free traffic streams for SaaS solution.
  2. - Getting into professional network
  3. - Preparing for Seed round.
Q1 & Q2 2025
Upgrading Marketing Operations: Creating in-bound traffic sources of distributors. Increasing brand awareness and trust for mass adoption in distributors network.
  1. - Optimizing user acquisition costs.
  2. - Increasing the market share..
  3. - Increasing the company's good-will.
  4. - Revenue growth.
Q3 & Q4 2025
Pivoting into B2C Marketplace: Transforming distributors into power users of DeFi Marketplace. Aggregating solutions directly from our marketplace for our users while incentivizing them build value to earn.

    Entering the market as a one-stop solution for cryptocurrency holders.

Want to Know More?

The website does not cover all our plans and strategies, but the pitch deck does!