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DeFi Investments Marketplace

Designed for all kind of investors Hedge3 provides secure and easy-to-use platform to invest in different kinds of DeFi investment mechanisms absolutely for free.

DeFi Investments Marketplace - Hedge3 | DeFi Aggregator

All Kinds of DeFi Investment Mechanisms in One Platform

Not just a farming platform!

DeFi Indices

Diversified investments with ease.

Hedge Funds

Decentralized human managed funds.

Yield Farmings

Farming strategies from best platforms.

Direct Token Investments

buy tokens with best prices.

Insurance Provisions

Provide insurance, earn rewards!


Land tokens, earn on interest rates!

DeFi Yield Investments With Ease!

DeFi Yield Aggregator

Find an appropriate investment mechanism, securely invest in it, and withdraw anytime. Approved providers only!

Connect to Explore Funds

Quickly link your wallet to our platform, then dive into our curated selection of top-notch decentralized investment mechanisms provided by industry leaders.

Invest With Ease

Confidently allocate your funds to your chosen mechanism, leveraging the inherent security and transparency of our decentralized platform.

Withdraw Anytime

Keep an eye on your investments through our user-friendly dashboard, with the freedom to withdraw or reinvest your funds as you see fit.

Why Hedge3?

While the DeFi market has huge opportunities it’s still hard to understand and full of scam projects. Our goal is to protect and serve DeFi investors through our free-to-use tools.


Secure and Audited

Safety first, always. Hedge3 provides a secure and audited platform ensuring peace of mind in your investments.


Free to Use

DeFi investments without barriers. Hedge3 opens the doors to DeFi investors completely for free.


Non Custodial

Hedge3 is non-custodial, your assets will be invested in industry leader’s protocols only.


Easy to Use

Dive into DeFi effortlessly. Hedge3  intuitive design makes investing as simple as a tap.


No Vesting Periods

Your money, your terms. With Hedge3 app, withdraw whenever you want, flexibility at its finest.


Best Prices

Optimize your investments with Hedge3 aggregator, ensuring you get the best prices, every time.


Still Have Questions?

Our platform is designed to aggregate all kind of DeFi investment mechanisms and presents them in one convenient location. When a user invests in any investment mechanism, our platform facilitates the transaction with the respective contract, which then issues the corresponding vault ERC20 token to the investor. Staying absolutely decentralized and non-custodial!

We take security very seriously, only partnering with reputable, market-leading providers to provide a secure and reliable investment environment. These platforms implement strict measures to mitigate Fraud and Scam risks, ensuring your investments remain protected.

No, Hedge3 contracts are audited and serve just as an intermediary between users and different providers while the providers and sometimes their vault managers cannot run off with your assets as those platforms are also audited and designed to maintain users’ assets in a secure environment. 

Most of the investments on Hedge3 has no vesting period while in some cases there can be a 24-hour vesting period to prevent flash loan attacks and ensure the security and stability of our platform. Still, our platform provides clear information for each investment mechanism you explore. 

Hedge3 itself is absolutely free to use. The primary fees you may encounter are related to the providers’ terms to which you allocate your assets, and sometimes when you choose to invest in a human-managed fund you can also be charged performance or management fees. These fees are subject to change and may vary depending on the specific fund. Each investment mechanism listed on Hedge3 contains complete information regarding fees to be charged.

Absolutely! Our platform allows you to easily diversify your investments by allocating your assets to multiple investment mechanisms and tracking them from a single place. Diversification can help manage risk and optimize potential returns across various investment strategies and asset classes.

DeFi is Complicated.
We Make it Simple.

From your first steps in DeFi to experienced Asset Manager, Hedge3 is your complete toolset for success!