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From Funds, Strategies and Indices to RWA and Structured Products.
We list the best performing DeFi yields to build a Passive Income!

DeFi Yield Marketplace

Explore best performing diversified yield vehicles
for long-term passive investments in DeFi!

No Additional Fees!

Link your Web3 wallet, and aggregate top investment protocols from a single for free! Hedge3 does not charge investors any additional fee!

Secure & Non-custodial

Confidently allocate your funds to your chosen mechanism, leveraging the inherent security and transparency of our decentralized platform.

Chain and Token Agnostic

Deposit in any vault from any chain using any token you have on your wallet! We build a complex infrastructure to make you invest with ease!

All Passive DeFi Investment Vehicles in One Platform

Balancing the noise of DeFi, bringing trusted mechanism with real tractions!

DeFi Indices

Diversified DeFi investments with ease.

Structured Products

Structured DeFi investment vehicles.

Liquidity Pools

Best liquidity pools to lend your assets.

DeFi Funds

Decentralized human managed funds.

Yield Farmings

Farming strategies from best protocols.

Top Tokens

Top market cap DeFi blue-chip tokens.

Enter DeFi deliberately with Your Trusted Partner

From your first steps in DeFi to experienced Asset Manager, Hedge3 is your complete toolset for success!

Distributed Marketplace for Decentralized Finances

DeFi Trading Widgets

The Hedge3 marketplace is built on DeFi Widgets that are available for anyone to embed on any website by simple copy-paste snippets!

DeFi Aggregator

Turnkey DeFi Solutions

Fast-start your DeFi vault aggregator platform using Hedge3 turnkey solutions!

Whether you are a solo asset manager trading on multi-vendor protocols, building your own yield aggregator or a marketer with crypto native audience we have a win-win solution! 

Being the first in a kind DeFi vault distributor, Hedge3 can help you setup your Web or Telegram Mini dApp in a single week!


The best crypto plugin I’ve used. Hedge3’s builder makes routine a fan.

Alex J.
Senior Portfolio Manager

No other widget provides data to DeFi Funds. Thanks!

Emily Rivera
Crypto Market Analyst

Hedge3 offers unmatched insights to DeFi data.

Michael Lee
Distribute DeFi Yield Vehicles using Hedge3 Widget Builder!

Earn fees on top of protocol’s or simply refer for revenue share!


Still Have Questions?

Hedge3 is a DeFi investment vehicles marketplace. Its a common platform for those who look passive investment opportunities in DeFi. We are not building yield strategies we just find the best opportunities in the market and distribute through our distributed marketplace.

Hedge3 is not a Yield Aggregator!
We are a marketplace of all kind of DeFi vehicles like Yields, Funds, Indices, Algo Strategies, RWAs, Structured Products, Blue-chip Tokens, Liquidity Pools and many more!

While helping investors to find the best performing diversified vaults on-chain. We also help the best strategy builders and asset managers to find their liquidity providers! We noticed that the best DeFi builders with strong historical performance are still struggling to find their investors. 

Thus besides building a common marketplace for listing and comparing the best vaults we also build distribution solutions for builders to showcase their expertise all over the network and help others with their wealth management! 

Most of the investments on Hedge3 has no vesting period while in some cases there can be a 24-hour vesting period to prevent flash loan attacks and ensure the security and stability of our platform. Still, our platform provides clear information for each investment mechanism you explore. 

Hedge3 itself is absolutely free to use. The primary fees you may encounter are related to the providers’ terms to which you allocate your assets, and sometimes when you choose to invest in a human-managed fund you can also be charged performance or management fees. These fees are subject to change and may vary depending on the specific fund. Each investment mechanism listed on Hedge3 contains complete information regarding fees to be charged.

Absolutely! Our platform allows you to easily diversify your investments by allocating your assets to multiple investment mechanisms and tracking them from a single place. Diversification can help manage risk and optimize potential returns across various investment strategies and asset classes.