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DeFi Passive Index Investing:
One Token = Diversified Portfail

DeFi Indices

Broad market exposure made easy. Invest in multiple DeFi categories with Hedge3’s Index/ETF Tokens. Transparent and secure.

Diversification –

Diversified Investing with a Single Token

Simplify DeFi by investing in one Hedge3 Index Token. Covers multiple categories and rebalanced monthly.

Simplicity –

Simple Access to DeFi Investments

One-click access to top DeFi assets via Hedge3 Index Tokens. Transparent and smart contract governed.


Indices (Index tokens) are the most diversified, secure and easy-to-use investment mechanisms. So it’s the best choice for newby and institutional investors.

Hedge3 Indices are financial instruments that allow you to invest in multiple DeFi categories through a single token, simplifying your investment process.

Each Hedge3 Index Token comprises the top 10 performing assets in its respective DeFi category, offering a diversified investment pool. This aligns with our mission to simplify DeFi investments.

The single-token approach to investing in a whole DeFi category is an innovative feature unique to the Hedge3 investment marketplace.

Initially Hedge3 Index Tokens prioritize assets based on market cap and past month’s income while incorporating various strategies to optimize returns.

Simply purchase the Index Token for your chosen DeFi category. Your investment is automatically diversified among the top assets in that category. All of this is executed on smart contracts powered by Set Protocol, ensuring a safe and secure investment experience.

The entire system is governed by smart contracts, ensuring full transparency and security for investors. This includes real-time tracking of asset performance and an auditable history of all transactions, allowing for complete visibility into the operations and performance of each Index Token.

To get started, visit our investments marketplace and navigate to your desired DeFi category. At the top of each category page, you’ll find the corresponding Hedge3 Index Token. Additionally, we have a dedicated Indices category page where Hedge3 Index Tokens are listed alongside other providers’ index tokens.

Please note, these tokens are currently under development and will be launched soon. Join our community for updates and opportunities to contribute.

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