Your Website is DeFi Compatible!

Simple copy & paste Widget Builder that enables your website users to interact with DeFi markets without leaving it! 

Crypto and DeFi Trading Widgets

Vault Deposit & Withdraw

Enable your users to connect, deposit and withdraw without leaving your website! 

DeFi Marketplace

Enhance your site with seamless token swaps! Empower your users to instantly exchange assets directly on your platform.

On-Ramp and Off-Ramp

Upgrade your platform functionality  with our on-ramp and off-ramp  widget to provide seamless crypto transactions for your users!

Data Aggregation Watchlists

Card Slider Widget

Fully customizable modern card-slider widgets
with aggregated and static data endpoints.

Top List Widget

Fast overview through market leaders, enables your users to get compact insight into some top opportiunitires.

DeFi Gallery Widget

Showcase top performing DeFi vehicles with a gallery layout.  Good to showcase like an NFT marketplace list but with charts instead of apes!

DeFi Market Widget

Elevate your website’s functionality by allowing users to filter and search through DeFi markets. Turn user curiosity into advanced research! 

Single Ticker Widget

Need to point out that very asset?. Keep your users engaged and informed with your token by compact ticker widget. Fits well in sidebars and footers. 

Ticker Tape Widget

Old but gold! Any financial website needs to have its Ticker Tape Widget.
But only few of them have on-chain data…

DeFi Marketplace

URL Pegged Dynamic Components

Advanced Historical Chart Widget

Set the advanced historical chart on your hero section to showcase your experience in managing DeFi assets!

Fees Structure

Always be fair to your users and build trust by providing a transparent fee structure.

And remember Hedge3 never charges fees from investors!  

Fundamental Data Widget

Offer your users in-depth analysis effortlessly. Showcase fundamental data for a single ticker, enhancing your platform’s trust!

Complex DeFi Solutions

Turnkey DeFi Marketplace

Discover Hedge3’s comprehensive suite of 15+ DeFi Widgets, featuring leading-edge  aggregation solutions for on-chain DeFi marketplace!

White Label StoreFronts

Your protocol issued vault deserves it’s own website and branding. From hobby to hedge fund!

Custom Protocol Integration

Old school, pixel-punk designs are behind! Launch with sharp design and distribution tools at once!

Your Distribution Partner in Crypto and DeFi Markets

Watermark free, branded widgets with monetization option! Priority support and unlimited license for Pro version users!

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Monetization Solutions!

Our widget supports your pricing strategy. Set a custom surcharge on top of transactions passing through your widgets and get paid immediately on your web3 wallet!

While if you believe in the future of DeFi, inviting you to first of the first-of-a-kind DeFi Affiliate Network where the market creates a competitive compensation model!



DeFi Affiliate Network?

Once joining the affiliate network you will enable the additional layer on the Hedge3 marketplace that gives you complete information about vault managers, including performance, reliability, and payout history!

Explore, distribute, and manage your accounts receivable all from one platform managed by smart contracts!



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