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Simple copy and paste [shortcode]  Builder that enables your website users to interact with Crypto and DeFi markets. 




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Crypto Widgets - Web3 and DeFi
Simple publishing by Shortcodes

Hedge3 provides high-quality Crypto and DeFi widgets builder for any kind of website integration.

Our own platform is built with the same widgets!

Hedge3 Widget Builder Demo

Fully customizable modern charting widgets with powerful DeFi endpoints.

Crypto Trading Widget

Empower your users with a one-stop trading solution. Let them invest and trade across a variety of DeFi mechanisms seamlessly from their beloved place.

Top List Widget

Fast overview through market leaders, enables your users to get compact insight into some top opportiunitires.

DeFi Gallery Widget

Showcase an array of investment mechanisms. Ideal for giving your users options and insights.

Single Ticker Widget

Boost your website’s utility with real-time, concise data on a single asset. Keep your users engaged and informed without overwhelming them.

DeFi Market Widget

Elevate your website’s functionality by allowing users to filter and search through DeFi markets. Turn user curiosity into engagement and conversions.

Fundamental Data Widget

Offer your users in-depth analysis effortlessly. Showcase fundamental data for a single ticker, enhancing your site’s value and user engagement.

Ticker Tape Widget

Fully customizable modern charting widgets with powerful DeFi endpoints.

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Hedge3 Widgets' Main Advantages

Live Crypto and DeFi widget builder solution allowing absolute customization and advanced data aggregation options.


Structured Datapoints

We are not only providing direct fetching of some digital assets but also create insightful data points for your users.


Deep Customization

Powerful engine with powerful UI assures best practices of using our  software services.  


Trust & Security

Any contract executed should include it’s 3rd party audit referral. We take security serious!


Live Editor

Super easy to create and publish widgets. We are here to to gamify your routine!


Personal Support

Besides helpful community we still provide professional support assistance within 24 hours!


Technology First

We are all for everything at web3! Charts are just the beginning! Stay connected with us to access opportunities earlier.

Your Distribution Partner of Crypto and DeFi Markets

Watermark free, branded widgets with tons of customization functionalities. Priority support and unlimited license for businesses!