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  • Global Concepts
  • Risks & Security
  • Wallet & Asset Management
  • Market Overview & Analytics
  • DeFi Investment Mechanisms
  • Strategies & Opportunities
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Through tasks and questionnaires after each module, we ensure you grasp not just the theory but also gain hands-on experience for real-world DeFi investing.

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This Course is a game-changer. It covers everything from basics to advanced strategies, making crypto investing accessible and profitable.
Karmen Martial
VC Analytics
Hedge3's course goes beyond theory; the bonus modules on launching your own hedge fund and compliance are priceless. A must to become a serious investors.
David Avetisyan
iOS Dev, Hobby Investor
Loved the practical exercises of this module, trading directly on polygon mainnet makes this course a top-tier practical training for DeFi investing.
Emily Grohl
Blogger, DeFi Evengelist

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Stay up-to-date with our newest beginner-friendly content.


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