Top 10 Best Web3 Escrow Services

Our goal: Find the best web3 escrow services according to experienced DeFi users (not just one random person’s opinion).

Here’s what we did:

  • 1. Typed ‘best web3 escrow services’ into a search engine and studied the top 10 pages.
  • 2. Picked only those web3 escrow services that were mentioned 2+ times.
  • 3. Listed ‘best web3 escrow services’ into our Ecosystem Ranking and allowed Hedge3 Leaderboard users to upvote.
  • 4. Top-ranked leaders of the Hedge3 Aggregator are considered as more experienced in DeFi, thus wielding more influential votes in the Ecosystem Ranking!
  • 5. As a result, we provide a List of Top 10 Best Web3 Escrow Services listed by different platforms and reviewed by experienced DeFi investors.

(Updated 2023)



Web3 Escrow Services
Smartlink serves as a Web3 Escrow gateway, specifically tailored for eCommerce, aiming to secure trustless transactions on a global scale. It offers plugins for popular eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento,...


Web3 Escrow Services
Counos Escrow is a secure platform focused on facilitating safe online trades via cryptocurrency payments. It supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Counos Coin variants, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin....


Web3 Escrow Services serves as a trusted intermediary for secure online transactions involving cryptocurrencies. The platform prioritizes buyer protection by withholding funds until the inspection period concludes satisfactorily. It charges a minimal...
Bitrated Escrow


Web3 Escrow Services
Bitrated offers a multi-faceted solution for enhancing trust and security within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform empowers users to establish and assess reputations via reviews, social identity checks, and a...


Web3 Escrow Services
ESCRYPTO is a cutting-edge DeFi system designed for risk-free cryptocurrency transactions without requiring trust in third parties. The platform offers an array of features through its user-friendly interface, catering to...
Cryptegrity Escrow


Web3 Escrow Services
Cryptegrity is a decentralized escrow platform that merges the traditional escrow service with blockchain technology. The platform's native token, $ESCROW, has a dual function: it serves as a revenue-sharing mechanism...
IBC Escrow

IBC Escrow

Web3 Escrow Services
IBC offers a secure and efficient crypto escrow service designed to mitigate the risks associated with the volatile cryptocurrency market. The platform brings buyers and sellers together, facilitating transactions for...

CryptoExchange Escrow

Web3 Escrow Services
CryptoExchange offers a secure escrow service designed to bring neutrality and security to cryptocurrency transactions. The platform employs a dedicated team of escrow officers who ensure that both buyers and...


Web3 Escrow Services
BitcoinEscrowLtd serves as a reliable third-party escrow service focused on enhancing the security of Bitcoin transactions. The platform offers a straightforward five-step process for both buyers and sellers. Initially, terms...


Web3 Escrow Services
Coinsavr offers a streamlined and secure bitcoin escrow service that automates the majority of transactions between parties. The platform acts as a neutral third-party, intervening only when disputes arise. With...

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