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Automation and Bots

Mee6 Bot


Discord Bots for Web3 Communities
Mee6 is a versatile Discord bot that simplifies community management through its dynamic features and commands. Providing real-time market insights, token rewar...


Discord Bots for Web3 Communities
For Web3 communities and DAOs, a secure and positive atmosphere is crucial. Nadeko serves as a comprehensive Discord engagement solution, equipped with safety a...
ILUMA Discord Bot


Discord Bots for Web3 Communities
ILUMA is the Web3 community's efficiency powerhouse, a Discord bot designed to declutter noise and spotlight crucial insights. Utilized by DAOs and Web3 enthusi...
Hashbot Telegram Security Bot


Discord Bots for Web3 Communities
Hashbot serves as a Discord security sentinel, focused on thwarting the use of deceptive or blacklisted usernames. It scrutinizes new usernames through rigorous...
SnapShot Discord Bot

Snapshot Discord Bot

Discord Bots for Web3 Communities
Snapshot Discord Bot is a go-to governance toolkit for autonomous collectives, enabling Web3 communities to engage in informed discussions and transparent decis...


Telegram Bots For Web3 Communities
Successful crypto tokens rely heavily on community engagement. A vibrant community is often more critical than advanced technology or expert developers. Upon la...
Nofy Bot


Discord Bots for Web3 Communities
Nofy, the Discord Bot, serves as the flagship ambassador for the Number One Fan community, drawing its allure from pop culture and cosplay nostalgia. Ideal for ...


Discord Bots for Web3 CommunitiesTelegram Bots For Web3 Communities
CoinTrendzBot is the leading price bot on Telegram and Discord, designed to provide you with realtime information about the Crypto Markets. Perfect for traders,...


Discord Bots for Web3 Communities
Elevate your community engagement across Discord, Twitter, and Telegram with Siva's Engage2Earn Ecosystem, fueled by advanced Web3 tech. From Role Rewards and D...
Rose Bot

Rose Bot

Telegram Bots For Web3 Communities
A robust Telegram bot designed to streamline group management, this tool offers a wide array of functionalities. From elevating or demoting admin roles to autom...

Ranking Overview of Automation and Bots

Current leaders in the Automation and Bots ranking are CoinTrendzBot, RaidSharksBot and Collab.Land. The latest additions as of September 2023 include Rose Bot, ChainGPT and TeleMe. In total category features 22 projects.