What is Galaxy?

Galaxy is a leading digital asset and blockchain firm that bridges the gap between financial sophistication and technological expertise, operating since 2018. Based in New York City, Galaxy offers a comprehensive suite of services across three main areas: Global Markets, Asset Management, and Digital Infrastructure Solutions. These services encompass trading, lending, advisory services, and investment solutions tailored for institutional-grade clients, alongside proprietary bitcoin mining, hosting, and network validator services.

Galaxy’s approach to asset management is diverse, offering Passive, Active, and Venture strategies to provide investor access to the digital economy. Their expertise is deeply integrated with Silicon Valley innovation and Wall Street acumen, facilitating robust engagement with web3 innovations. Galaxy Ventures, in particular, focuses on stage-agnostic investments across protocols, scaling solutions, DeFi assets, and web3 infrastructure, reflecting a forward-thinking strategy in nurturing the growth of the digital asset space.

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