What is Hedge3 Turnkey Wallet?

Hedge3 offers a Turnkey White Label DeFi Solution that contains both Web Aggregator and Hedge3 Turnkey Wallet App. It empowers you to step into the decentralized finance (DeFi) market effortlessly. With more than 2000 investment mechanisms and a liquidity pool of over 200 million, the platform offers quick monetization opportunities through revenue share referral fees from aggregating protocols. The setup and payment process is extremely swift, taking less than 7 days to set up and less than 30 days to start getting paid.

The solution comes in two flavors: Web Aggregators and Mobile Wallet and Aggregator. The web version is a one-stop-shop for all things DeFi, from yield farming to swaps. The mobile version goes a step further, bundling multiple DeFi services to boost user engagement and diversify your revenue streams. Hedge3 continually integrates with top DeFi protocols to offer more liquidity and investment opportunities.

From a technology standpoint, the platform employs smart contracts, QuickNode API, and a WordPress dashboard for a robust and scalable solution. Security is also a priority; the platform adheres to best practices in cybersecurity and undergoes regular audits.

The platform’s revenue-sharing model ensures mutual profitability. It aggregates various DeFi providers and earns referral fees, a portion of which is shared with you, all managed transparently through smart contracts.\

Why choose Hedge3’s Turnkey solutions?

For starters, it promises rapid deployment, making you operational from day one. It’s not just about speed; you can also customize the platform to match your brand’s identity and objectives. The platform promises constant software updates for seamless performance and offers round-the-clock customer support.

In a nutshell, Hedge3’s Turnkey DeFi Aggregator Solution offers a quick, secure, and highly customizable route for anyone looking to venture into the DeFi space.

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