What is Shieldy?

Shieldy — is a solution in Telegram to fight annoying spammers. It asks newcomers to execute a set action within a set period, otherwise, it kicks them. It’s this easy. Make sure @shieldy_bot is an admin at your chat and it’s all done! You can also further set up the behavior with the convenient hotkeys.

Designed to halt virtually all spam activity with a 99.99% effectiveness rate it employs a simple captcha-like verification process for new users and limits them to text-only interactions, prohibiting the sending of media. The bot is entirely free to use and is open-source, making it accessible for customization and improvement.

Acquired by the 1inch Network in June 2021, Shieldy has gained significant traction and is currently deployed in over 480,000 chats. Its acquisition underscores its value and effectiveness in maintaining a spam-free environment within Telegram communities.

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