DeFi Affiliate Opportunities: Unlock New Revenue Streams with Hedge3

By Hedge3 Admin, 3 days ago

For anyone running a crypto or DeFi-related platform, monetizing traffic and providing value to users can be challenging. Hedge3 DeFi Marketplace also offers a unique solution through its innovative DeFi Widget Builder solution. This article will demonstrate how Hedge3’s platform can help you create new revenue streams, enhance your users’ experience, and get paid immediately on your web3 wallet.

Hedge3 Platform Overview

Hedge3’s marketplace offers a variety of top asset management funds across various protocols, providing users with curated DeFi investment options. By simply connecting a web3 wallet, users can access and invest in different DeFi investment vehicles, making the process user-friendly and efficient. The platform focuses on on-chain asset management funds, yield farming protocols, DeFi indices, RWA and more ensuring transparency and flexibility for passive investors. Hedge3’s goal is to enable everyone to leverage the most yield-bearing DeFi opportunities from trusted protocols.

Widgets Solution

Hedge3 also provides distribution and aggregation widgets to integrate into any web or mobile app (or dApp) and act as a kind of DeFi affiliate network.  These widgets can be seamlessly embedded into other websites and applications, providing real-time data on to best DeFi investment opportunities. Using widgets is extremely easy as no coding experience is needed, we provide a Widget Builder SaaS solution to enable even non-tech users to use the opportunity.

Widgets are highly customizable, allowing you to fit them into your site’s design and functionality requirements. A simple code snippet should be copy-pasted into your platform and it supports poore JS, React, Python, PHP snippet codes and even a WordPress plugin. Widgets can be set either to drive traffic to the Hedge3 Investments Marketplace with your referral link or open an aggregation popup and enable your users to aggregate these investment vehicles without leaving your platform!

How Does It Work?

Widget Builder: No-Code/Low-Code Solution

Hedge3 offers a no-code/low-code solution through its widget builder. This intuitive tool allows you to create and customize widgets without requiring extensive technical knowledge. You can tailor the widgets to match your brand’s aesthetics and choose specific vehicles to display, whether by best-performing yields, highest TVL, or custom-picked.

Hedge DeFi Widget Builder Demo

Integration Options

Integrating Hedge3 widgets into your platform is straightforward, with multiple options to suit different technical environments:

  • JavaScript: For dynamic and interactive websites.
  • React: Ideal for modern web applications built with this popular framework.
  • Python: For platforms and applications leveraging Python’s versatility.
  • PHP: Commonly used for server-side integrations, particularly in content management systems like WordPress.
  • WordPress: A dedicated plugin or simple code snippet makes integration seamless for WordPress sites.

This means Hedge3 widgets can be integrated into any platform, with the customized styles under your branding your users would never doubt it’s your native solution!

Customization and Monetization

Hedge3 widgets are customizable to ensure they align with your brand’s look and feel. Affiliates can decide which funds to feature, whether they prefer handpicked selections or dynamic lists based on performance metrics. The widgets also support multi-language options, allowing you to cater to a global audience.

Crypto and DeFi Widgets

Affiliate Program

Hedge3’s affiliate program offers two primary revenue models:

  1. Fee on Top of Transactions: Affiliates can charge up to a 1% fee on transactions facilitated through their site. This fee is configurable during the widget setup process by adding an affiliate wallet address and setting the desired percentage.
  2. Driving Traffic: Affiliates can earn by driving traffic to the Hedge3 marketplace, benefiting from user engagement and transaction volume generated through their referrals.

Benefits of Hedge3 Widgets

Enhanced Accessibility

Hedge3 widgets make it easier for users to access DeFi investment opportunities without leaving their current browsing environment. For affiliates, integrating these widgets can significantly enhance their platform’s value proposition, driving traffic and increasing user engagement.

Increased Visibility for Hosts

Websites and apps integrating Hedge3 widgets can offer added value to their users. By providing real-time, relevant data on DeFi investments, these platforms can attract a more active and invested user base.

Real-Time Data and Customization

The widgets provide real-time data on various DeFi funds, ensuring your users have the latest information to make informed decisions. They are customizable, allowing you to tailor the appearance and functionality to match your brand. You can choose which funds to display, whether by best-performing yields or highest TVL, and even translate the widgets into any language to cater to a global audience.

Non-Custodial and Secure

Hedge3 emphasizes a non-custodial approach, meaning user assets are directly passed to the underlying protocol from the user (msg.sender) and not through a Hedge3 vault. This ensures security and control for your users, who retain full ownership of their assets. Moreover, Hedge3 charges 0% from any transaction, making it an attractive option for both affiliates and users.


Hedge3 is a powerful tool for affiliates looking to monetize their crypto-related platforms. By integrating Hedge3 widgets, you can offer your users top-tier DeFi investment opportunities, enhance engagement, and generate new revenue streams. If you have a crypto and DeFi news, blog, web3 wallet, DeFi dApp, financial platform, or any other type of crypto-related platform we invite you to become our partner and create new revenue streams with us!

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