What is Enzyme Finance?

Enzyme Finance, formerly known as Melon Protocol, is a cutting-edge digital asset management platform that has emerged as the largest of its kind in the on-chain asset management space. Operating on both Ethereum and Polygon networks, Enzyme offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed for the seamless management of digital assets. It addresses the needs of a diverse range of users including institutional investors, asset managers, digital natives, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). By leveraging smart contract automation, Enzyme significantly reduces total expense ratios by more than 90%, demonstrating its cost-efficiency and organizational robustness.

Enzyme Finance is celebrated for its focus on transparency, security, and real-time reporting, eliminating counterparty risk through a platform that underscores operational automation and 24/7 reporting capabilities. The platform’s infrastructure facilitates the customization and management of Enzyme vaults, serving as a gateway to on-chain asset management while ensuring users remain in custody of their assets at all times. This unified solution enables users to fully automate their reporting, risk management, operational, and administrative requirements, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to asset management.

With its robust risk management infrastructure, Enzyme is purpose-built to optimize the DeFi asset management experience, mitigating operational risks through smart contract permissions and controls. It supports the full trade lifecycle for over 250 digital assets and integrates with more than 20 DeFi protocols. Enzyme’s commitment to innovation and user empowerment is further exemplified through features like configurable and automated KYC capabilities and sophisticated data pipelines for real-time and historical reporting. These functionalities underscore Enzyme’s dedication to setting new standards for transparency and auditability in the DeFi space.

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