What is Exponential?

Exponential is a pioneering investment platform dedicated to democratizing access to decentralized finance (DeFi) yield opportunities, making it simpler for anyone to participate in high-yield investments traditionally reserved for banks. With the core belief that financial freedom should be accessible to all, Exponential seeks to lower the barriers to DeFi investing. The platform offers a user-friendly way to discover, assess, and invest in DeFi, addressing the complexity and risk traditionally associated with these investments.

By analyzing over 210 protocols, 280 assets across 24 blockchains, and more than 1,000 risk vectors, Exponential provides a robust risk assessment to help investors invest with confidence. The platform’s meticulous approach to curating DeFi investments allows users to choose opportunities with clarity on potential yields and associated risks. With yields on investments ranging widely across different crypto assets, including ETH, BTC, stablecoins, USD, and altcoins, Exponential caters to a diverse set of investor preferences and risk tolerances.

Central to Exponential’s mission is its emphasis on safety, ease of use, and transparency in DeFi investing. The platform ensures that all funds are backed 1:1, offering multiple layers of security and built-in controls for DeFi fund safety. It simplifies portfolio management, making it easy to track performance and manage taxes, all while DeFi providing passive income opportunities on crypto holdings. As a US FinCEN-licensed company backed by significant players like Paradigm, Exponential stands at the forefront of secure, accessible, and transparent DeFi investing solutions.

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