What is Valio.xyz?

Valio.xyz is transforming the landscape of crypto asset management by making professional management accessible to everyone, with the flexibility to deposit and withdraw anytime without lockups. Starting with as little as $50, Valio democratizes access to top crypto asset managers, allowing users to get started in just 2 minutes. The platform operates on a non-custodial basis, ensuring users can withdraw their funds at any time after an initial 24-hour security lockup, emphasizing the freedom and control over one’s investments.

Valio simplifies the process of backing a trader through three straightforward steps: selecting a manager and vault that matches the user’s risk profile, depositing funds while monitoring the manager’s performance, and withdrawing at any time without lockups. This approach not only provides transparency and flexibility but also opens the door for anyone to become a manager and create their vaults permissionless, offering a unique opportunity to trade, build a public track record, and be discovered by potential depositors.

Moreover, Valio stands out by providing omnichain access from a single vault, allowing DeFi asset managers to access a wide range of decentralized asset managment protocols across Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and more. This expansive asset universe underpins Valio’s commitment to offering managers the flexibility needed to generate returns across Web3, distinguishing itself as a pioneering platform for both asset managers and investors seeking to explore the full potential of digital asset markets.

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