What is Velvet Capital?

Velvet Capital, backed by Binance Labs, revolutionizes DeFi Asset Management by offering an innovative platform where both seasoned professionals and DeFi enthusiasts can create, manage, and launch on-chain funds, DeFi structured products, and tokenized portfolios. Emphasizing user-friendliness and inclusivity, Velvet Capital simplifies the complex world of DeFi, enabling users to effortlessly manage various DeFi interactions from a singular platform. This accessibility extends to earning additional yield through lending, staking, or providing liquidity across different assets and ecosystems, making Velvet a one-stop solution for on-chain asset management.

Velvet Capital leverages cutting-edge technology to provide the necessary infrastructure for on-chain asset management, promoting a cross-chain DeFi Asset Management protocol. It empowers users to launch and manage tokenized vaults with ease, supporting a broad range of digital assets. Security and trust are paramount at Velvet, with multiple security audits and real-time monitoring ensuring the safety and integrity of assets under management. This emphasis on security, combined with the platform’s comprehensive infrastructure, positions Velvet at the forefront of DeFi asset management innovations.

Moreover, Velvet Capital is not just a platform for managing assets; it’s also a community-driven ecosystem. With plans to expand across more blockchain networks, Velvet is set on building a Professional-Grade Operating System for DeFi. The Velvet DAO plays a crucial role in this ecosystem, offering governance and evolving the protocol over time. Through the DAO, users have a unique opportunity to influence the future of DeFi, enjoying exclusive perks and contributing to the governance of Velvet Capital. This approach not only democratizes DeFi asset management but also fosters a vibrant community of users, developers, and stakeholders working together to shape the future of finance.

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